3 Creative Financing Strategies to Help Providence Home Sellers Reach Their Goals

Perhaps your circumstances have changed, and you no longer have the time and money to prep, rehab or even renovate a property to bring the highest returns. Or perhaps you have decided you would like to team up with experts after listing on your own; if this is the case, you are not alone. Owners who go it alone successfully sell FSBO properties only 11 percent of the time. 

If you are like other owners, you would also like to avoid the costly commissions associated with hiring a real estate agent, yet benefit from working with seasoned real estate experts leading to our discussion of some alternative options for sellers. So read on as we explore three creative financing strategies to help Providence home sellers reach their goals. 

Subject To

One financing strategy to help Providence home sellers reach their goals is for 401HomeBuyers to take over the payment of your existing mortgage, which will put some money in your pocket now and give you passive income for the future. When you sell directly to 401HomeBuyers utilizing the subject to strategy our professional buyers, you can relax, knowing that your worries about selling are over. We buy houses as-is at 401HomeBuyers, and our professional buyers are backed with the power of cash, meaning your guaranteed closing can be in just a few days. You avoid costly commissions when you sell directly to 401HomeBuyers, and you will not have to pay for any closing costs, saving you even more. At 401HomeBuyers, there are never any hidden fees when you sell directly to one of our professional buyers,  providing you with total transparency. 


In this creative financing strategy to help Providence home sellers reach their goals, 401HomeBuyers will put up the money and resources to renovate your property. Then, once renovated, we will put it up for sale and share the profits. Selling directly to 401HomeBuyers with novation means you are working with local professional buyers and their full-service team of the most highly sought-after industry pros, all working with the mindset of an investor on your side. At 401HomeBuyers, we move swiftly into action and get the job done on time and within budget to bring the most profit. 

Sales Leaseback 

401HomeBuyers uses sales leasebacks as a financing strategy to help Providence home sellers like you reach their goals. Do you have equity in your home and need to avoid foreclosure? Using a sales leaseback strategy, you can stay in your home as a renter when you sell directly to a professional buyer from 401HomeBuyers. The professional buyers at 401HomeBuyers will help you compare what you would profit from with a listing on the market vs. our offer, and it’s important to us that you agree our offer is fair. Our contracts are straightforward because we want you to feel good about the deal long after closing. You can be sure that the offer from a professional buyer at 401HomeBuyers is the amount you will have in your hands when you leave the closing table.

The professional buyers at 401HomeBuyers have several creative financing strategies to help Providence home sellers like you reach their goals. Talk to one of our professional buyers at 401HomeBuyers today about any pressure you may be under, issues with the property or any trouble you have had with selling. Working with the top-notch professional buyers at 401HomeBuyers and their in-house team makes the process easy and smooth for sellers. Why not find out how we can help you solve your problems today? At 401HomeBuyers, we’re your neighbors and here to help. Call 401HomeBuyers at (401) 541-5560.

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