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Stop A House Foreclosure Today!

Avoid The Bank Foreclosing On Your Home And Get A Fair Offer For Your Property Immediately.

We buy houses in Rhode Island and Massachusetts without the use of banks or traditional financing. Due to this, you can sell your home in just a few weeks – before the foreclosure takes place. This way you save your credit and STILL get money in your pocket!

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How Can I Stop Foreclosure?

Going through the foreclosure process is scary. First, your home is at risk and that is a terrible thought to deal with (especially with banks). Second, your credit will suffer as well. Here are the ways you can stop a foreclosure on your home immediately:

Make Your Current Payments

  • This means that you will pay the total amount that is currently past due as well as any fees that have been added in. You will want to let your lender know that you intend to pay off the amount that is owed and the associated fees. Your lender would much rather have you pay them instead of taking your home. Unfortunately, this option is a bit unrealistic as it is tough to come up with the money owed to make your payments current.

Declare Bankruptcy

  • Please note that bankruptcy should really only be used as a last resort as it can have severe impacts for you moving forward and it still may not allow you to keep your home. Essentially, when you file for bankruptcy your lender will not be allowed to collect payments from you until your bankruptcy is settled. Unfortunately, that doesn’t last forever. Depending on which bankruptcy you file, you may have the chance to modify your loan payments and be able to keep your home or you may be forced to sell your home. There is no 100% guarantee that you will be able to keep your house even if you file for bankruptcy.

Sell Your Home

  • Once the bank forecloses on your property, they are just going to turn around and sell it. You can sell your home even while in the foreclosure process, but you have to act quickly. You don’t want to lose your home and have your credit impact you from purchasing a home in the future. Since we buy houses with cash we are able to offer you an offer for your home and have the whole process take just a few weeks. Once we agree on a fair offer, we will contact your lender to inform them of the sale to stop the foreclosure immediately and they can stop sending you those nasty demand letters. When you work with us, there is no risk of the offer falling through and you can use these funds to move on with your life.

Stop Your Home From Being Auctioned Now

The bank has already started the foreclosure process, this means you will have to move a little faster than normal. We are used to quick transactions, we are able to complete the sale process within just a few weeks. Time is of the essence, but this doesn’t mean you should take any low-ball offer. We want to provide a fair offer that works for all of us and will help you immediately avoid foreclosure.

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Avoid The Bank Taking Your Property

We understand the foreclosure process is difficult and it seems the bank just won’t listen, we can help. Our team is local to Rhode Island and Massachusetts, and we are experienced in buying homes quickly. We buy houses of all shapes, sizes, and condition; even if it needs a bit of work. We will help end the demand letters from the bank and get you some money in your pocket so that you can move on with your life and put these headaches behind you.