5 Common Misconceptions Homeowners Have About Professional Property Buyers in Providence

If only I’d known. Before you find yourself saying this about the benefits of working with professional property buyers, instead of listening to gossip and rumors, why not take the time to educate yourself about how the process works. Investigate for yourself; you’ll find that local professional property buyers offer this option as a solution to homeowners that just don’t fit the typical mold of listing on the conventional real estate market.

Time is one driving force that causes homeowners like you to seek alternative methods to sell your Providence house. Life can change swiftly, making it impossible to continue to hold onto your current home. For others, a faster closing is the benefit of working with a professional property buyer; with guaranteed closing dates, a professional property buyer can complete the transaction in a matter of days, or they can delay the closing to a more convenient day for the seller.

Read on as we discuss five common misconceptions homeowners have about professional property buyers in Providence. 


The prevailing misconception homeowners have about professional property buyers in Providence is that they take advantage of people when the truth is quite the opposite. The professional property buyers at 401HomeBuyers don’t buy every property because it isn’t always the best solution for the homeowners. At 401HomeBuyers, our pros work every day to revitalize neighborhoods and build a better community by helping neighbors like you sell their homes and solve their problems.


That they aren’t fair is another familiar misconception homeowners have about professional property buyers in Providence. Professional property buyers like those at 401HomeBuyers will provide you with the data on what you would earn by listing the house on the conventional market and weighing it against our offer. Then, decide for yourself which option is best suited to your circumstances.

Money Hungry

Another mistaken belief that homeowners have about professional property buyers in Providence is that they are just in it for money. But, quite the contrary, professional property buyers like those at 401HomeBuyers want to achieve a win-win, so you’ll feel good about the deal long after the closing. We accomplish this by providing complete details of how we calculated the numbers to reach our offer. 

Hidden Fees

The next misconception homeowners have about professional property buyers in Providence is that hidden fees will suddenly deplete the original offer. We use simple and transparent contracts, and we are upfront about the process from the start. Not only will you walk away from the closing with cash in hand, but professional property buyers do not even charge a commission for their services. 

Slow Process

The final erroneous idea homeowners have about professional property buyers in Providence is that the process takes as long as a conventional sale. However, by selling to an experienced property buyer, homeowners avoid prep work, showings, waiting for a buyer that may never come along, inspections, appraisals, and jumping through hoops to help buyers qualify for a traditional mortgage loan. In addition, you can skip the repairs because professional property buyers buy homes in as-is condition, meaning they take on all the risks while you are moving on with your life.

Work with 401HomeBuyers after you’ve checked us out and let the professional property buyers prove none of the misconceptions are true. So why should you spend another restless night worrying about selling your home when the professional property buyers at 401HomeBuyers will answer any of your questions or concerns with no obligation. You don’t even need to clean before you leave; the full-service team at 401HomeBuyers can handle everything. Call 401HomeBuyers at (401) 541-5560 or send us a message to learn more.

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